These are the things we can do from our end to get your site noticed by Google:

Google Search: Google notices sites based on their ability to draw viewers and keep viewers at the site. It notices links to other pages within your site as well as links to other websites. It also notices traffic TO your site from other sites. It loves sites that have remained up for a long time. In short, when a site is dynamic and encourages activity, it gets noticed. Getting noticed takes time, no matter how well constructed the website is. Usually within a few weeks, it begins to appear. It may take several months to climb toward the top, but if there is plenty of activity, it will eventually begin to climb. Here are some tips to make this happen:


1. Have the home page title include words that are found in the text on the page

2. Have your domain name be easy and concise (

3. Create links to higher ranked and more popular sites

  1. 4.Try to get higher ranked and more popular sites to link to YOU (called “backlinks”)

  2. 5.Get people to visit your site. Don’t depend on the site itself to do this. People need to be told in newspapers, emails, facebook, etc)

  3. 6.Write a "call to action" on each page, which encourages the viewer to do SOMETHING, actually ANYTHING, such as: "Visit our photo gallery" or  "Check out our new product." This encourages what is known as the "conversion rate" which is the ability of a site to not only lure people to it, but actually keep them on it and convert their casual viewing into active viewing. Google notices this.

  4. 7.Use interesting graphics to make the site visually inviting, but don’t clutter the page.

  5. 8.Avoid flashy and noisy content.

  6. 9.Don’t make viewers scroll very much

  7. 10. Use gentle color combinations or complementary colors

  8. 11. Visit this site for more info:

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