$14 (approx.) Domain Name Registration

(i.e. yourname.com). This is paid to Godaddy. I will guide you through this free of charge.

$90/page with a minimum of 5 pages

$65/year for the hosting fee.   

$20/month (includes 1 hour of work per month at no extra charge which does not carry over) $75 per hour charged after the first free hour. Creation of new pages is always $90/page.

Important: The monthly and yearly payments must be paid via Paypal autopays.

Rates & Policies

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Template Creation: I will make up to 3 different template designs for you to choose from after we have talked about your needs and tastes.

Page Creation: Each page costs $90 to create for up to 2 hours of work, after which the rate switches to a $75/hr. charge. Every link in your navigation bar is basically a page, as well as any page I have to create that is not in your navigation bar. External and internal links (i.e. links to other sites and to pages within your site) are not pages and do not cost extra to set up. I will show you a site map if requested. Your website is considered finished when it goes live under your domain name. The monthly maintenance fee autopay begins when the website goes live (i.e. published).

Hosting fee: Your website will be hosted on my server at a rate of $65/year, which we will set up as an annual automatic Paypal payment. Failure to pay this will result in the termination of your website. Setting up your website again following termination will cost $75. The initial website is considered finished as of the date it goes live on the internet under your domain name.

Maintenance: I will maintain your site at a rate of $20/month which includes 1 hour of free work per month which does not carry over. Fees are for the duration of the website (no start and stop service). Requested changes will be done within 2 weeks of request, otherwise they will be free of charge and not timed. Changes requiring more than 1 hour of work will be charged at $75 per hour after the first free hour. Phone and email support count as billable hours. Creation of new pages is always $90/page. Maintenance includes keeping a backup on my local drive, technical support and archiving your files, as well as software updates.

Termination: Either party may terminate the agreement to keep the website running at any time at no penalty. If Paypal payments become inactive for any reason, you have 5 days to get your Paypal account up and running, after which your website comes down automatically, with a $75 charge for reactivation. There are no refunds on hosting or maintenance fees upon cancellation and/or rescheduling.



Rates Subject to Change

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